• Our mission

    The Brazilian Chapter aims to connect Wharton Alumni investors and entrepreneurs in Brazil to foster the creation and expansion of new ventures.

    We help angels grow their investment portfolios, and help entrepreneurs grow their startups, while providing educational, professional development, advising, and mentoring opportunities to members.

    Why Brazil?

    Strong Wharton Alumni Community

    • With over 400+ members, it is one of the most active and connected Wharton Alumni networks in the world.


    Solid network of Entrepreneurs

    • Within this network of alumni, we have many successful entrepreneurs in a broad range of sectors, especially tech and retail.


    Active and experienced investors

    • In addition to successful entrepreneurs, we also have a great sample of investment professionals who are constantly seeking new opportunities.


    We believe angel investing requires camaraderie, diversity, professionalism, and active participation. Our members come from varied backgrounds and industries, and we provide active networking opportunities. Education and mentoring are critical for our organization, and we are continually developing our skills.


    Our members are vital for each others' success, and for the success of the entrepreneurs with whom they invest. Thus, we strongly promote member driven education, deal flow, and engagement with entrepreneurs.

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    Access to:

    All investment activities, general events, discounts to special events, membership in Angel Capital Association.



    Wharton alumni and members of the Wharton community. Others by invitation.


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    Wharton Alumni Angels does not make any recommendations about investments. Each member of Wharton Alumni Angels must recognize that she/he must make her/his own decision about any investment made, and must not rely upon the staff or management of Wharton Alumni Angels, nor upon any member of Wharton Alumni Angels.